The Salmon Run – re released with great new content 2018

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Review 2018

Amazing book and illustrations immersing you into unadulterated wild life. Loved it and highly recommend!

Review Aug 2017

Now whilst I’m not a valid literary commentator, in fact yours is the first book I’ve read from beginning to end since studying for my O levels, I found myself reaching to read another chapter at every opportunity I had.

The descriptive details are extensive and lift the words into visions that draw you into the story. The travels across the globe reflect places where I’ve had the pleasure of fishing.

Thank you very much for giving me so much happiness whilst reading your book, I’ll certainly have some provoking thoughts next time I stand on a bank trying to lure a migratory fish. The underlying tone that life can so easily be taken away should push readers on to make the very most of each day.

The Salmon Run

This story takes place under the glacial Alaskan rivers where the North Pacific salmon run. We follow the narration of a sockeye salmon named Redd and his shoal of intrepid adventurers who choose to take the waters least swam.

Their ancestors before them always stayed close to the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska but due to a disaster covering the ocean in a black liquid , they are forced to tackle the oceans far below their usual migratory waters.

They meet a variety of species along the way that help them on their pioneering trek but they swim into difficulties throughout their voyage.

Mammals of all shapes and sizes pass on knowledge and advice. Flightless birds, eight legged creatures, Green Sea Turtles and even a Tiger shark, help them through dangerous waters, but they have to face some waters alone. Redd and his friends are stalked by predators from the air above and fight river and sea creatures from the waters below.
A hurricane and strong currents send them off course where they meet new friends and are surprised to find old relations. With loss and dismay along the way, Redd and the others find themselves stuck in the southern waters surrounding New Zealand.

Seasons pass and whispers are heard through the sonar channels that the black waters in the north are clearing. A rescue mission is immediately created to return the lost shoal to their home streams, but the distance is so far and all the dangers of the deep are waiting. Redd and his shoal need help and receive it from the most unlikely of creatures…

From the river’s shallows of the Alaskan north to the deep southern oceans and the waters of the Tasman Sea. This story is filled with colourful characters and coral reefs with sunken ships, now the home to aquatic residents. Under the Pacific Ocean and on the lands that border them, they discover an abundance of inhabitants. Bears and eagles, whales and dolphins, seals and sharks; From trawler boats and their nets to a single fisherman with a cane rod trying his luck, Redd’s shoal must endure.

Redd finds his soul mate during the voyage and as their journey develops, so does the natural urge to return to the home rivers together. Finally, through a mass of red salmon, boasting their spawning colours, they force their way into the deltas of the Alaskan rivers once more, but at the last turn into the home stream, an old enemy awaits…

Redd’s shoal finds adventure, friendship, courage and danger on this pioneering voyage into the undiscovered waters of the world. Their struggles and zest for life creates a warm story of young courage, fantastic adventure and unusual friendships that influence all sea creatures and future generations of the salmon run.

This story is written by a fisherman who has cast a line in most oceans and many, many rivers.