A record catch in Iceland – returned un-harmed of course

Dan’s been a fisherman from the day his father took him to the River Exe in Devon. He was 11 years old when he hooked into his first rainbow trout. Since then, Dan’s cast a fly and fought many battles throughout the waters of the world.

From the Sea trout of South West England to Scotland, over to Norway and on to the Icelandic salmon; down to the warm Mediterranean sea bass, across the Atlantic and around the Canaries, where he crewed big-game fishing boats for marlin, tuna and sharks; and it didn’t end there……

From the North Pacific Ocean cod and halibut to the turbulent estuaries of the Bering Sea king salmon; south to the temperate waters off Mauritius and the Indian Ocean for bonito and wahoo. Then the South Pacific Ocean, around New Zealand to the Coral Sea, where Dan sailed to Australia in his twenties, catching barracuda, squid and flying fish; Dan also followed Humpback whales and the Southern Cross stars where he learnt to scuba dive off the yacht he worked for passage as a deckhand.

More than twenty years on, Dan and his father still return to wild Alaskan rivers in their quest for the perfect catch.

This book is based on a combination of all Dan’s experiences and his love of the water’s wilderness, both above and below.