The cast of swimmers.

(Species, meanings & translation of Inuit and Maori names.)

North Pacific Sockeye salmon

Redd- narrator
Isla – (Inuit for companion)

King salmon – T.R.
Grayling – Parker
Alaskan Beaver – Woody
Green sea turtles – Rex & Lola
Chinook salmon – Toa (Maori for Champion fighter.)

South Pacific Sockeye salmon
Wai-Hou ( Maori for Fresh water.)
Pāua ( Maori for Beautiful shell.)

Humpback whale – Tangaroa ( Maori for God of the sea.)

Penguin – Kororā (Maori for Little blue penguin)

Gray whales
Tallulah – (Inuit for Leaping water)
Ballena – (Spanish for whale, since she was born in the
Sea of Cortes off the Gulf of Mexico)

Bottlenose dolphin – Finn
Hawaiian salmon/ Rainbow runner – Blue
Red snapper – Jake
Blue-ringed Octopus – Izzy
Sun fish – Kira
Tiger shark – Zac

Moray eels
Green Moray eel- Coral
Giant Moray eel – Reef

Rainbow trout – Scar